Seminar 20th March 2017


Robin Hickman, Reader at the Bartlett School of Planning UCL, will be chairing the session, discussing on some of the topics that have been presented in these series over the past months. The session will generate some inputs for creating project conclusions and will suggest some of the themes of interest and debate for further research in the area.


Floridea Di Ciommo, “Needs based vs Utilitalianism approach. A change of paradigm in travel behavior analysis”

[Download Floridea’s presentation here]

Floridea is PhD in Transport and Urban Planning at ENPC-Paris Tech. She is researcher and leads the Centre for Innovation in Transport (CENIT) based in Barcelona Tech, where she is responsible for the research area on Sustainable Mobility and Travel Behaviour. She is chair of Transport and Equity Analysis TEA Cost Action TU1209 and a member of two National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicines-Transport Research Board Committees: Travel Behaviour and Value, and Woman Issues in Transportation.

Bipashyee Ghosh, ““Towards sustainable and inclusive mobility: Evidence from an Indian megacity””

[Download Bipashyee’s presentation here]

Bipashyee is a 3rd-year doctoral candidate in Science and Technology Policy at SPRU- Science Policy Research Unit, University of Sussex, Brighton, UK. Her research is focused on studying urban mobility in transitions in Indian Cities. She worked as a research assistant in the NWO-WOTRO project on sustainability experiments in India and Thailand during the two years of my masters in the Netherlands. She also served as a climate activist, working as an International climate champion with British Council, India.

Jeroen Bastiaanssen, “Measuring Fairness in the Transport Domain”

[Download Jeroen’s presentation here]

Jeroen is a PhD student at the Institute for Transport Studies (ITS), based at the University of Leeds. His research topic relates to the role of transport in young people’s accessibility to employment opportunities, within the context of transport-related social exclusion, let by prof. Karen Lucas. With Professor Karel Martens he has been working on the theme of accessibility and equity. He is young researcher within TEA Cost Action.


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