1st Seminar 2016/17 Pictures and Presentations

In the latest seminar, we had great presenters, many attendants and brilliant ideas regarding very diverse topics on transport and social justice. Here you can download all presentations and have access to the pictures of that day.

Nihan Akyelken, University of Oxford. “Gendered vulnerabilities to climate change: flooding and urban mobility in Metro Manila” 

[Download Nihan’s presentation]

Nihan is Departmental Lecturer in Sustainable Urban Development at the University of Oxford. She is currently part of the core team on the Masters and Doctoral programmes in Sustainable Urban Development. Nihan’s research combines insights from economic geography, political economy and development planning. She will present the gendered lived experiences of flooding in the low-income settlements in Metro Manila by examining the disruptions caused by flooding to women’s access to work. The specific research question we seek to address is whether and how low-income women remain exposed to flooding that would limit their physical mobility and accessibility.

Nicolas Valenzuela, University of Cambridge. “The Right to the Connectivity” 

[Download Nicolas’ presentation]

Nicolas is PhD Student in Land Economy, University of Cambridge. Nicolas’ academic experience combines research and teaching in development planning, urban planning and design, sustainable transportation, and instruments of citizen participation. His interests are focused on the institutional political economy, infrastructure and operation of urban transport, public investment, metropolitan governance and development theory.

Steve Chambers, University College London. “Save our buses” 

[Download Steve’s presentation]

Steve is PhD part-time student at The Bartlett School of Planning, University College London. Steve’s research interests are focussed on urban local governance in England, from the strategic to the hyper-local, primarily looking at planning. He is currently working on at the Campaign for Better Transport supporting Londoners campaigning for improved public transport and against unsustainable road building.

Caroline Mullen, University of Leeds. “Needs, Mobility Poverty and Environmental Justice”.

[Download Caroline’s presentation]

Caroline is Research Fellow in the Research Group Leader for Sustainable Transport Policy, University of Leeds. Her research interests are related to the implications of equality, distributive fairness and ethics of risk for sustainable transport, especially walking and cycling. She has also worked on the application of political and ethical theory to policy and planning in transport, health and environment. She will present about the relationship between mobility poverty and environmental justice, both related to difficulties for participation in everyday activities, limitation of life chances  and quality of life.


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