4th Seminar Socially Just Transport – 06 June



Caren Levy, The Bartlett Development Planning Unit

Caren is urban development planner working on planning, community-led development and governance, with a focus on housing, infrastructure and transport in urban areas in the global South. She has a special interest in the institutionalization of social justice in policy and planning, particularly related to the cross-cutting issues of gender, diversity and environment.

[Download Caren’s presentation]

Veronica Saud, The Bartlett Development Planning Unit

Veronica is a Chilean architect, MSc Urbanism. Her practice has been mainly focused on Urban Projects and Studies, specifically related to Assessment, Formulation and Management Plans and Projects of Public Investment for Santiago Regional and Local Governments. The main cores were: Environment, Urban Development, Transport and Public Spaces, with particular attention in infrastructure and facilities to promote the bike as a mode of transport.

[Download Veronica’s presentation]

Ed Manley, The Bartlett Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis

Ed is Lecturer and Data Scientist at UCL CASA. Ed’s background lies in the application of computational techniques to interdisciplinary domains, with a particular focus on urban systems. Ed completed his Engineering Doctorate at UCL entitled ‘Modelling Spatial Cognition to Predict Urban Road Traffic Dynamics’, where he developed a large-scale agent-based model for the simulation of urban road traffic patterns.  Using a large dataset of observed route selections, Ed identified new patterns in route selection behaviour within the London region, building on conventional findings in spatial cognition research.

[Download Ed’s presentation]

Tom Cohen, Department of Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering

Deputy Director of UCL Transport Institute, Dept of Civil, Environ &Geomatic Eng, Faculty of Engineering Science. Tom is interested in all aspects of transport but is particularly interested in citizen participation in the planning of transport.  This is connected with interests in policy decision-making and policy implementation.  Other interests are the design and functioning of the public realm and policies relating to cycling and other low-carbon modes.

[Download Tom’s presentation]



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