1st Seminar Socially Just Transport – 25th April



Professor Karen Lucas* of the Instutute of Transport Studies, University of Leeds, will present part of her latest work on transport poverty, social equity assessment of transport projects and how this has been adressed in practice for the Global North and South. Karen is Professor of Transport and Social Analysis and Director of Research and Innovation at the Institute of Transport Studies, University of Leeds. She has worked for more than 20 years in social research in transport-related social exclusion.

[Download Karen’s presentation]

Beatriz MellaPhD candidate of The Bartlett School of Planning (UCL) will present her latest work on Capability Approach as a possible instrument for assesing the social component of transport projects.

[Download Beatriz’s presentation]

Daniel OviedoPhD candidate of the Development Planning Unit (UCL) will present a study on the multiple dimensions of Social exclusion in marginal informal settlements in the periphery of Bogota, Colombia.

[Download Daniel’s presentation]

2016-04-25 14.17.42



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